HINDis-illuminated photos are unique design pieces.  Carefully packaged, each one comes with a purpose designed walnut stand.


HINDis-photos reflect, each in its own singular way, the natural beauty of Iceland, here literally incorporated in glass by a new technique.  The film is placed on a glass surface and then inserted for some time into a very hot kiln.  The photos are slotted onto stained wooden stands at a certain angle in order to make them more accessible visually.  An additional slot for tea lights is also provided.


HINDis-photos lend themselves well to placement experimentation.  They are, of course, quite appealing in natural light, and they also fit well on a window sill where daylight shines through the glass.  But place  a  candle  behind them in the evening and they take on an other-worldly glow...

One could say that Icelandic nature is one big work of art.  Not everyone can capture the grandeur and beauty of it on film, and therefore Hind works only with renowned nature photographers.

The designer of HINDis-photographs is Anna Einarsdóttir.

The design is registered with the Patent Office.

Do not hesitate to contact Anna.   Email: hind@simnet.is


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